1. Ultrasound Monitoring & Analysis

Monitoring bearing condition through ultrasonic shows us evolving trends in friction levels, random impacting, rubbing, spalling, and other defects at the earliest stage of failure. In most cases ultrasound analysis will reveal the onset of failure long before they show up in vibration analysis reports and thermal imaging surveys. Ultrasound is especially useful for slow speed bearings and machines that do not rotate.


(CBM for DC Motors, AC Motors, Gear Reducers, Low Speed Rotating Machine, Pumps,etc)

2. Acoustic Lubrication

An inspector can be completely in tune with the sound of his bearings and over time can tell by sound quality, decibel levels, and time wave from analysis that the bearing needs lubrication and maybe entering early failure. This can prolong the bearing life by ensuring the correct amount of grease to lubricate the bearings.


(Save up to 95% of grease usage. Prevent from over-lubricated and under-lubricated.)

3. Vibration Monitoring & Analysis

Inspector measures vibration in 3 directions. (Horizontal, Vertical, Axial) Each direction able to indentify the root causes of the rotating machines vibration problems. This is an effective method to prevent any further mechanical damages of the machines. Corrective actions can be taken immediately to maximize machines service life.


(CBM for blowers, exhaust fans, impellers, etc)