4. Thermography Monitoring & Analysis

Thermography is a powerful maintenance tool to identify overheating electrical & mechanical components by showing images of radiation to allow to see variations in temperature. Temperature can be measured from distance without contacting an object.


(CBM for power sources, incoming switchboards, bearings, transformers, etc)

5. Motor Current Signature Analysis

MCSA is based on the principle that an electric motor driving a mechanical load acts as a transducer. The motor senses mechanical load variations & converts them into electric current variations are transmitted along the motor power cables. Analysis of the current amplitude can be trended over time to provide an early warning of machine deterioration or process alteration. Analysis involves,incoming voltage,current,current / frequency response,winding resistance,winding impedence,winding inductance,power quality,power factor,input power,reactive power,apparent power,phase angle,insulation resistance,all types of motors rotor eccentricity,cracked,broken rotor bars,casting voids,poor connections,cable faults,motor efficiency & power analysis.

(CBM for HV,MV motors, DC motors, rotor faults, winding faults, etc)



6. Cavitation Monitoring & Analysis

Cavitation is caused by the implosion of vapour bubbles. This implosion sucks material off the surface of the impeller, pump & valve. Fix cavitation, fix mechanical failures.


(CBM for pumps, valves, pipings, etc)