7. Steam Leak Control & Analysis

Steam is an essential energy source for many manufacturing processes.By boiling water in order to produce steam is therefore very costy. Leaks & steam trap failure might cost million of dollars annually! 


(CBM for steam traps can save up million of RM from leaks & failure)

8. Compressed Air Leak Control & Analysis

Compressed air leak is the most common found in manufacturing plant. Energy consumption for producing compressed air is one of the highest in plant. On average, it represents 35% of the energy cost due to compressed air leak in manufacturing plant. Convert the wastage into profit by fixing the leaks!


(CBM for screw compressors, turbo compressors, piston compressors, centrifugal compressors, pipings, valves, etc)

9. Partial Discharge, Corona, Tracking & Arcing Monitoring & Analysis

Corona is caused by ionization of the air molecules close to a pount of very high voltage potential gradient. Tracking is surface conduction of electricity over rather than through an object. Both of them could be destructive to your electrical system. They do not carry additional heat, whereas you don't find it with thermal imager!


(CBM for transformers, incoming busbar, terminals, power lines, incoming switchboards, etc)