PPM Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Concepts

is a corporate provides Predictive Maintenance (PdM) services & Preventive Maintenance (PM) services. We provide condition monitoring & analysis for your industrial machineries to minimize your maintenance cost effectively. We carry out our services with calibrated instruments by competent technical personnel to ensure our customers will get the best quality of work. The ultimate objective to carry out predictive & preventive maintenance is to attain Zero Failure Performance for our machine. Zero Failure Performance is, thus, not only desirable but also attainable and, in the long run highly profitable.


Introduction of Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

PdM is an useful maintenance strategy mainly to detect initial stages of failure & evaluate the remaining useful life of your machine. It can be claimed as tool of condition monitoring, and effectively secure our machine from unexpected breakdown and further mechnaical distortion. PdM can reduce our maintenance cost effectively & maximize our machine reliability at all time.


Introduction of Preventive Maintenance (PM)

PM is performed on an interval or time basis, regardless of the condition of your machine. Spare parts replacement is the main activity in PM and mainly aiming for critical machine. Cost for PM is low, comparing to repairing cost when machine having major damages. PM can be easily planned & it takes lesser time than emergency repairs & replacements.